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Teacher's Pet: Clarity, Choice, and Action In Your Career

Meet Corey, a principal whose career has rolled along on autopilot. Busy with his commitments to staff, students, his superintendent, and family, Corey hasn't focused on his ultimate student―himself. When Corey meets a professional coach, he decides to enlist the coach's help to learn to manage his "teacher's pet". During eight weeks of the summer break period, Corey and his coach use a proven process to help him get clear about what he wants, help him make supporting decisions, and help him move into action. Along the way, Corey also learns critical new skills tailored to his personal needs, and he creates a personal success plan to help him stay on track.

Switch Off: The Clergy Guide to Preserving Energy and Passion for Ministry

Many members of the clergy are committed to their vocation, yet struggle to remain engaged and energized.  The pressures of congregational and family commitments take their toll.   Clergy are part of a profession like no other.  However you define it, the label “clergy” represents a collection of roles that come together in various combinations based on religion, congregational size and congregational structure.  Frustration can build when clergy think they are delivering what is expected o